Every journey begins

with a first step

The climate kids of Eintracht Peitz on their way to climate neutrality.





For a better future.

By offsetting our CO₂ footprint, we can help make the world cleaner and healthier for future generations.

We act together

The climate kids


Environmental protection

Plants and trees



Climate kids in action!

Climate Kids is about living in a world that is climate safe, with principles of sustainability. This means living with less impact on the environment and more impact on our own health and well-being. Climate safe living takes into account the impacts of climate change, human activities, and global events to create a more sustainable future.

Tree planting of the climate kids in 2020


It all started in 2020, when our youngest members planted a tree together. In doing so, they paved the way. A path that has been consistently followed to this day. Eintracht Peitz becomes Germany’s first climate-neutral amateur club.


In 2021, another milestone has been added. The climate kids of Eintracht Peitz are born. From now on, each child looks after its own tree. The child cherishes and cares for the tree with the help of the adults in the club. Our little godparents get a feeling for responsibility and sustainability. An apple does not come from a plastic bag from the supermarket.

The climate kids in 2021
2022_ Gruppenbild_Klimakids
Group picture with the climate kids in 2022


The climate kids are growing! The older ones also want to join in. So we are expanding the age range for our climate kids to 5 to 13 years. We are proud to have such committed young players. In 2022, we’ll be growing life again – we’ll be planting trees!

The climate-conscious kids of Eintracht Peitz, who love the game of soccer, are working together for a healthy future.


Climate neutral By 2025

The climate kids accompany Eintracht Peitz on its way to climate neutrality. The goal is to become climate neutral in 2025. The climate kids are actively helping to achieve this goal. Another concern is to train our young people in a sustainable way. Dealing with water, dealing with nature and dealing with each other are essential elements in our children’s education. The “Klimakids” project combines learning on and off the soccer field.

We plant trees
Arrange carpools
Heating 100 percent with biogas
Convert the lighting to LED technology

Impressions of the climate kids